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1) Public and Community Health Practice, Diploma; 3 years 2) Paramedics and Medical Emergency Technology, Diploma; 3 years 3) Medical Social Works, Diploma, 2 years 4) Anesthesia Assistant, Diploma, 2 years 5) X – Ray Technician, Diploma, 2 years 6) Phlebotomist, Diploma, 2 years 7) Pharmacology & Pharmaceutical Technology, Diploma, 3 years 8) Continuing Care […]

Pharmaceutical Technology

This is 3 years intensive program leading to the Award of Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology.  Interested candidate can  complet the Combined program to have Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology and Community Pharmacy Assistant The aim of the Pharmaceutical Technology programme is to produce technologists with a sound understanding of the biological action of drugs and chemicals, […]

Advanced professional Qualifications

 Advanced Specialist Diploma This qualification conveys and consolidates the highest levels of knowledge and expertise and demonstrates expertise within a discipline, build upon the College’s Higher Specialist Diploma (HSD).It is structured in two parts – part one and part two examinations. Higher Specialist Diploma                                                                          This qualification enables scientists  and health workers with 5 years post […]


  In partnership with Canadian Center for Biomedical Sciences and Allied Health Study, Canada, College of Advanced Health Science and Technology invites application from interested individuals for trainee  Paramedics / Primary Care Emergency Medical Technologist. Paramedics are important player in any health system and contribute in saving number of lives, especially in providing pre-hopspital intervention. […]

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From Ebonyi Online; College Of Advanced Health, Science & Tech Onicha Admission Form 2015/2016 Out Elitplanet says; College Of Advanced Health, Science & Technology (CAHST) Onicha, Ebonyi state 2015/2016 Admission Begins