Our Services

niisto students 22What we do at CAHST

We as IEIs are involved in the following activities:

  • As a private sector-driven technological institution, we adopt astute responsiveness to current and dynamic labour market demands.
  • We provide the missing link and help bridge the gap in the professional implementations of skills in education, science, technology, innovation in the labour market.
  • We use 21st Century technology to deliver up-to-date curricula and skills relevant to the needs of employers in the labour market.
  • Seek to develop the learners’ capacity to think creatively, critically and transform knowledge and skills into wealth resulting in a broader economic base.
  • Train and make sure that students understand how their expertise fits into a framework for improving the society and fulfilling national goals.
  • Economically empower the individual and community through poverty alleviation programmes by increasing employability.
  • Set new standards in design and delivery of competency and skills based education and training.
  • Contribute technology, capital, industry expertise in TVET – through participation in curriculum development, training, networks, qualified staff and access to production equipment and know how.
  • Provide job opportunities through established linkages to industries and recruitment agencies.