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Microscope science

Paramedical/EMT  Diploma Apply now


Social care 2

Professional Social Works Practice. Apply for admission

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Public and Community Health Practice Program. Apply Now

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The Nursing Assistant Program. Apply Now

Social care 3

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Adding Innovation Service in Healthcare

Our passion and sole drive at NCAHST is to produce graduates with employable skills through extensive hands-on and real-world practical-based teaching. We seek to deepen knowledge and encourage creativity and hard work in a way that leads to adept skill acquisition, thereby reducing, and hopefully eliminating, the deficiency of human capacity which seeks to entrench itself in our national economy.

We Ensure Education for Pluralism

While access to education in Nigeria is often faced with lot of barrier, thus preventing a number of very intelligent prospective student of opportunities for acquiring professional skills to fit into the economy, NCahst innovates a number of ways to remove this barrier and ensures everyone has opportunity to gain further training and fit into the labour market.

All you need is to access our education counselor if you are not sure of the course that fit into your career perspective, and be committed to face well challenging training program in NCAHST. Some programs may require that you take external examinations at the end of your studies, others do not require external examination, but you would be expected to complete and pass all the prescribed subjects and examinations and fulfill all the set criteria to be certified in your discipline.

Study at Nigerian College of Advanced Health Science & Technology  (NCAHST)

Find out what you can study at NCAHST

study1We offer a wide range of practical and skills-oriented courses which will ensure that you acquire and develop the sought-after skills in your area of interest or profession. Look up our available courses and make a pick. More courses are continually being added.

Part-time or Full-time

Affordable study with awesome flexibility

part-time1We understand the challenges that come with seeking academic or professional goals such as time, marital life, and even choice. We want a place for everyone to fit in, and so, we have tailored our services to consider part-time study interests as well as full-time study.

A knowledge-base for technological trends

research1We are research-oriented and embark on various academic subjects with a goal to deepen knowledge, discover trends, and teach professionally. We want our knowledge to contribute to driving the technology of the future.

Career Development

Pursuing a career with CAHST is possible

career1Whether you want to get a job at NCAHST or you want to gain employable skills, NCAHST offers you the best opportunity to gain practical and relevant skills as demanded in the real world, alongside the experience that complements such skills.